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29 August 2018
By Matt Hrkac

Victorian State Election 2018: Greens quietly announce Western Victoria upper-house lead candidate

It's been another quiet week on the election announcement front, but to note is as follows:

  • - Lloyd Davies has been announced, without much fan-fare, as the Victorian Greens' lead candidate for Western Victoria Region. Davies contested the seat at then 2014 State Election, achieving around 9% of the vote but missing out after a series of complex preferencing arrangements delivered the seat to Vote 1 Local Jobs' James Purcell.

    It is worth noting the rather interesting strategy of the Greens this time around, choosing to quietly announce their candidate and leaving the announcement relatively late for a seat they are were intending to target.
  • - Sticking with the area, but moving into the lower house, Sarah Hathway has been confirmed as the Victorian Socialists candidate for the seat of Geelong, with a public formal announcement imminent. Hathway previously contested the seat of Geelong at the 2014 State Election, representing Socialist Alliance, and was also a candidate for the Geelong Council Elections.
  • - City of Wyndham Councillor Tony Hooper has announced that he will be standing as an independent candidate for the seat of Altona.

About the author:

Matt Hrkac is a writer and photographer based in Geelong. He has particular interests in politics, elections, social movements and the trade union movement.

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