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24 November 2018
By Matt Hrkac

Victorian State Election 2018: Results Live

Welcome to the live thread for the 2018 Victorian State Election. Polls are due to close any minute now and we should be seeing some meaningful results come through in about an hour. View the seat number tracker, which will count the number of seats each party has retained in the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. The Legislative Assembly Pendulum page will also be updated throughout the night to reflect seat gains and retains. Stay tuned.

6.00pm - polls are now closed and counting will begin in any moment.

6.30pm - some early results coming in from a few small rural polling places. They (predictably) show a strong Nationals result, but nothing definitive as yet.

7.10pm - there are big swings to Labor across the state and particularly within electorates located in suburban Melbourne. These results do not look very promising to the Coalition.

7.42pm - This has been a very quick night. The result for the Coalition in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne can be described as nothing other than a bloodbath and Labor looks to substantially increase its majority. The Greens are also looking very shaky in the inner Melbourne suburbs.

9.03pm - I have 55 seats as certain Labor Party gains or retains, and 12 certain Liberal Party retains, with 1 Green and 1 independent. The remainder of the seats, mostly within the 5% to 10% range for the Liberal Party, I consider to still be in doubt to varying degrees.


About the author:

Matt Hrkac is a writer and activist based in Geelong who regularly contributes to Green Left Weekly. He has particular interests in politics, elections and the trade union movement and has had extensive involvement in a number of local campaigns. He is a former member of the Greens.

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