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15 May 2018
By Matt Hrkac

Federal By-elections 'Super Saturday' incoming

Following the High Court's ruling that Katy Gallagher was ineligible to sit in Parliament due to her not renouncing her British citizenship in time, four lower house MPs implicated in similar circumstances resigned from the House of Representatives, triggering by-elections in their electorates. These are as follows:

Though no date has been determined for these by-elections to take place, it is likely that they, along with Perth, will take place on a single Saturday, most likely in late June or early July.

Guides for all of these by-elections have now been posted. Follow the links above to each of the guides.

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My prediction: Perth, Fremantle, Longman and Braddon all to be retained by the ALP. Mayo, with most of the key players likely to preference Rebekha Sharkie over the Libs, to be retained by Sharkie but narrowly.