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25 November 2013
By Matt Hrkac

Graphics and Other Stuff for Doug Mann's Mayoral Campaign

Let me just start off this post by reflecting on the past few weeks. I had an absolutely great time helping out Doug Mann and sort of being by his side over the course of his Mayoral campaign. Everything from managing the 'Doug Mann for Geelong Mayor' Facebook page and the creation of the graphics associated with it, attending council meetings, the meet-and-greets with new (and familiar) faces, scrutineering during (observing) the vote count and and even letterboxing flyers (which was done, of course, by so many others as well)! He may not have got in, but I know that I have personally gained a lot from pretty much being part of the whole process and seeing the 'other side' if you like and I am thankful for it.

Going back to the graphics side of things, and some analysis overall:

Policy & Announcement Posters

Notes: These policy and announcement posters were uploaded to the 'Doug Mann for Geelong Mayor' Facebook page over the course of the campaign and were constructed based on Doug's policy statements, and therefore each run on different themes. For example, using imagery of a cat and dog to represent support for animal rights.

For the poster representing Independence, I chose to have three thin arrows together pointing down due to the fact that elected representatives often find themselves being dragged down by their backers (and there were many MANY candidates backed by various business interest groups and political parties who didn't declare it); and a big green arrow pointing upwards to signal not being dragged down by anyone and moving forward, as Doug Mann was not backed major political party or other related organisation.

I tried to keep these posters simple by using silhouette imagery and an overall abstract theme. I also emphasised positivity.

You can click on the thumbnails above to view the full-sized images.

Photos on the Campaign Trail

Notes: The top image was intended to put a face to a quote that had been said by Doug Mann; which up until this point, hadn't been accomplished for the social media side of the campaign. It was taken at the Geelong Advertiser Mayoral Debate. The bottom three images were taken out and about on the campaign trail.

There were plenty more photo ops, however I unfortunately didn't have my camera with me on those occasions.

Custom Page Tabs and Related Graphics

Notes: Finally, this continues the black on orange background theme as described above. For the icons above, like the policy and announcement posters, I used imagery to represent the policy area that it is written on the Policies and Vision page which can also be seen above.

About the author:

Matt Hrkac is a writer and photographer based in Geelong. He has particular interests in politics, elections, social movements and the trade union movement.

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