Comment formatting guide

The user comments feature at the bottom of opinion, analysis and blog posts uses BBCode, simplified HTML based formatting, to format comments.

Function Code Result
Bold text [b]Your text here[/b] Your text here  
Italics [i]Your text here[/i] Your text here
Underlined text [u]Your text here[/u] Your text here
Strike through text [s]Your text here[/s] Your text here

Coloured text. See W3School's HTML Colour Picker for list of usable colours.

[color=#ff0000]Red text[/color]

Red text

Note: you can combine any or all of the above codes. For example:

"[b][i]Your text here[/i][/b]" will give you bold italic text: your text here.

Bulleted list

[*] List item 1
[*] List item 2
[*] List item 3

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3
Quote text [quote]Your text here[/quote]