I am a photographer, activist and progressive political advocate based in Geelong.

Politically, I consider myself as a progressive independent. I'm a former member of the Greens (serving as Branch Secretary of the Greens in Geelong) and have, at one stage or another, worked on electoral campaigns with Greens, Socialist Alliance and Labor Party candidates. I seek to analyse things through an independent lens.

I contributed extensively to the local same sex marriage vote yes campaign in Geelong and am also active within the trade union movement through We Are Union. I'm particularly passionate about social justice issues and pushing for both social and economic equality and advocating for the most disadvantaged in our society.

In addition to campaigning, I also have a big interest in elections and helping people to understand how our electoral system works. I provide coverage from a non-partisan neutral perspective on most Victorian based elections at the State and Federal level, and on Geelong elections in greater detail at the local level. You can view my work here.

I write for and contribute to Green Left Weekly, covering mostly industrial and union related developments and some stuff on elections as well. Click here to view my articles.