2016 Greens vote across Ballarat
Matt Hrkac 15 July 2016 Return to Index

The division of Ballarat covers the City of Ballarat, and the rural areas surrounding it. Like Geelong, parts of Ballarat are undergoing quite a deal of gentrification.

Despite being a small city, Ballarat is quite diverse as far as its demographics are concerned - ranging from working class suburbs in the north, to more upmarket areas in the south east. The closer you get to the city centre (where the 21.5% Greens vote is), the higher the general Greens vote; indicating the 'inner-city effect' is at play here.

In the rural areas and towns surrounding the City of Ballarat; Daylesford and the towns surrounding it, in the far north east of the electorate, were the strongest performing areas for the Greens. Most other rural areas and towns polled below the electorate average for the Greens.

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Matt has a keen interest in politics, elections and progressive activism, and has had extensive involvement in a number of campaigns in his hometown of Geelong, in regional Victoria. He has also worked with a number of elected representatives and election candidates. He is a former member of the Australian Greens, and was Secretary of the Geelong Greens Branch.
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